End Our Cladding Scandal

Protect leaseholders from the costs of the cladding and fire safety crisis

Ask your MP to protect leaseholders (flat owners) from the costs of fixing cladding and other historic fire safety defects


The cladding and fire safety crisis is leaving thousands of leaseholders (flat owners) with massive bills and at risk of bankruptcy. We are calling on the government to deliver on its commitment that leaseholders pay nothing to fix unsafe buildings.

On the 10th February the government announced extra funding for fixing cladding. But this fails to address other fire safety defects and any funding to those in buildings under 18m. The measures announced will not solve the crisis and much more needs to be done.

MPs voted on the 22nd March against an Amendment to the Fire Safety Bill that would have protected all leaseholders (flat owners) from having to pay to fix cladding and other historic fire safety defects. On 20th April the Lords again voted in favour of an amendment that protects leaseholders from these costs. This email asks your MP to vote for this amendment when the Fire Safety Bill very shortly returns to the Commons in April.

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